Voice system as a tool for reducing the costs of operating a warehouse

How to improve warehouse operations thanks to Pick by Voice

How to improve warehouse operations? This question is crucial to make certain changes in warehouse operation. One way is to optimize with voice systems.

Why can voice systems improve warehouse operations?

Voice systems help to improve and organize warehouse processes. It is possible thanks to the use of voice as the language of communication between the user and the IT system. They also facilitate the reduction of the operating costs of such a warehouse.

It all starts with improving work in the warehouse, as well as the associated minimization of manual processes. The increase in efficiency gives a bonus in the form of express implementation of assigned tasks. Productivity can improve by up to 35 percent in this situation!

Automation, the manifestation of which is the use of voice systems, increases the accuracy of warehouse operation. And by carrying out more and more tasks without the hassle of hands, it’s easier for employees to focus their attention on other processes.

Such solutions are also an opportunity to quickly train employees. Voice systems are undemanding from the perspective of their work and also easy to understand. Thanks to them, the company can achieve the full efficiency of its employees quickly and at low cost.


praca przy użyciu systemu głosowego


Importantly, voice systems can be used both in the operation of the entire warehouse and in selected areas of its operation. ROI analysis can help in choosing the most optimal solution in a given case. It is worth it, because the greater the effectiveness of such a system, the faster the return on the entire investment is made.

What are the benefits of using pick by voice technology?

Voice systems will help improve the work of the warehouse by accelerating picking process. It means faster execution of the task, but also reduction of downtime, minimization of manual processes and automation.

In addition, voice commands in the warehouse will contribute to the maximum increase in the accuracy of the picking process. By minimizing mistakes through constant eye contact.

It is also a quick time to train new employees, because voice commands are issued in various, adapted languages. This solution is particularly advantageous, for example, when introducing seasonal workers.

Voice technology helps to improve warehouse operations, but also improves safety and reduces operating costs.