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Pick by voice warehouse system

What is pick by voice technology, in other words – voice system? It is a warehouse program used in an enterprise that enables comprehensive and easy management of the product flow. Voice system, with the use of appropriate voice commands, enables the exchange of data on the line of IT system and warehouse operator without the need to use a keyboard or a reader and without the need to read commands from the terminal display.

autorski program magazaynowy ibcsVoice

Proprietary voice system

Original pick by voice warehouse program developed by a team of IT specialists from IBCS Poland - a middle-ware application whose task is to integrate the functions of the voice system with WMS.
program magazynowy Honeywell


Honeywell or VoiceExtreme is a fully customizable inventory program that you can use in your company. This software enable the integration of voice systems with any warehouse system.
słuchawki wykorzystywane, które wykorzystuje program magazynowy pick by voice


Voice terminals and headsets enable two-way exchange of information by means of voice commands between the employee and the IT system managing the work in the warehouse.

How do voice systems work?

The main carrier of information in voice systems are voice commands sent between the operator and the system.
The operator is equipped with a portable terminal attached to a belt and a headset through which he listens to commands issued by the system and also uses this kit to answer confirming the operation.

Benefits of using voice systems

Voice systems are an innovation in logistics, thanks to which you will get visible results. Importantly, they can be used in the work of the entire warehouse, as well as in selected areas of the company.
wzrost dokładności na magazynie
Increase in productivity by up to 35%
wzrost dokładności
Accuracy increase up to 99.99%
skrócenie czasu pracy
Shortening the training time by up to 50%
redukcja kosztów operacyjnych
Reduction of operating costs
poprawa ergonomii i bezpiecześńtwo pracy
Improving ergonomics and work safety
elastyczność i skalowność
Flexibility and scalability

Pick by voice warehouse program in warehouse management

Download a free guide to, among other things, gain knowledge in the field of warehouse operation optimization using a voice system, learn how voice-controlled processes respond to the most important business challenges, as well as how logistics systems – voice and WMS must be interrelated to enable receipt of work instructions, confirmation of tasks completion and updating inventory.

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