Voice Xtreme_logoVoiceXtreme is a future-proof flexible enterprise solution developed to enable all of the components to transform your distribution centre workflows for achieving greater operating excellence. Solution supports a variety of databases and web browsers, ensuring an easy fit in any IT environment.

  • Seamless integration with ERP, WMS and other inventory control systems.
  • The modular design facilitates plug and play access to common business requirements such as analytics, charting, mapping, reporting, scheduling, security and more.
  • Audit trals monitors and stores all changes made within the system. Each object review, deletion, or change is recorded and stored for later analysis and review.
  • Reporting and dashboards allows users to create, customise and distribute comprehensive and rich information about productivity within the warehouse.
  • Platform-agnostic validation engine is included, with a comprehensive number of predefined validation rules that can be combined and customised at runtime to cover countless business use-case scenarios.
  • Real-time view allows monitoring of all active task lines including interactions with other systems.
  • Voice engine is developed by VoiceArtisan and supports many functions like: Picking, Put-Away, Put-to-Store, Line-Loading, Replenishment, Cycle-Counting Transfers or Final Control.
  • Two modes of operation: system operation in Pick by Pick mode (real-time) or by order (export data on executed order line as far as possible due to infrastructure).
  • One view with total visibility provides comprehensive device management, operator management, configuration management, and system diagnostics at your fingertips.
  • Centralised management controls all aspects of the voice-enabled workforce from a single console. Reduces IT support needs across your entire enterprise.