The voice systems are:

solutions where the exchange of all data between the system and the operator using voice commands
without having to enter them with a keyboard or a reader and read commands from the terminal display.

up to 50%*

error reduction

up to 35%*

increase in productivity

up to 50%*

shorter training sessions

by 30%*

reduced fluctuation

by 20%*

fewer accidents

* manufacturer’s data

How voice system works?


Voice systems are solutions, in which the exchange of data between the system and the operator is conveyed via voice commands, without the need of entering data with keyboard or scanner and reading commands from the screen.

An exemplary picking process of given goods in warehouse looks as follows:

  • the operator receives a message with information about the zone and location number,
  • the operator confirms arriving in the right zone by reading a location control number,
  • the system sends a message of quantity/weight that has to be picked,
  • the operator loads goods and confirms loaded quantity and weight.

Elements of voice systems:


  • interface between voice system and WMS,
  • portable voice terminal (mobile computer),
  • headset,
  • managing application (console).

The main role of the interface is data exchange between voice system and WMS of ordered tasks, their status, etc.

Portable terminal is used to convert text messages send by voice system to sound and to convert operator’s voice messages to text. Devices dedicated for voice systems, such as Vocollect Talkman T5 or standard portable scanners (mobile computers) with dedicated software and equipment.

A vital element of voice system is a set of special headphones, adjusted to operator’s needs. They are highly resistant when it comes to mechanics and environmental conditions and have high quality microphones. They are able to filter noise in such a way so that distortions arising during conversion of sound to text, caused by outer disruptions, are excluded.

The role of the console is to supervise the session and store so-called profile users, on the basis of which the system learns to recognize their voice.

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Voice systems are a technology that is complementary to popular solutions used in warehouse, such as barcodes or RFID. They can simplify and accelerate warehouse operations, where time ratio of data processing (data reading and entering) to productive time (physical implementation of the task) is high.

Such situation happens with e.g. picking. That is why voice systems are mostly used in this process (42% of systems), and they are referred to as pick-by-voice systems.

The advantages of voice technology in comparison to traditional methods can be also seen in other processes , such as restocking, transfer or even entry. There are warehouses where voice systems are the only solution, but there are some where voice systems are used only in chosen areas, while other operations are conducted traditionally. It is worth remembering to conduct a meticulous and thorough ROI analysis and take it into account when deciding which technology and in which processes will bring most benefits.  Thanks to its advantages (error reduction and productivity increase), voice systems allow to gain significant savings of time and assets in chosen logistic processes. High efficiency of the system guarantees fast return of investment.

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