Voice systems and their use

Voice systems and their use


Voice systems are solutions that are increasingly found in warehouses. It is an excellent tool for process optimization, especially warehouse picking. How exactly do they work? Read below.

What are voice systems?

Voice systems i.e. pick by voice is a solution that uses speech recognition technologies as well as transforming orders from the WMS system into specific voice commands. In this case, the exchange of data between the system and the operator takes place only through voice commands. There is no need to enter data on the keyboard or using a reader. It also eliminates the need to read commands from the terminal display.

Voice systems – the impact of technology on process efficiency

Modern technologies, such as the Honeywell Speech Recognition speech change system or Touch Connect automatic configuration systems effectively improve the ergonomics of work, thanks to which the productivity, e.g. in the process of completing the shipment, increases by up to 35%.

Voice systems are great above all in distribution companies, logistics operators, and also wherever the picking process is the most time-consuming. They can also be successfully used in cold stores and freezers, where working with a piece of paper or terminal is difficult due to the conditions prevailing there.

System głosowy Honeywell Voice

It is worth emphasizing that voice systems affect the simplification and, consequently, the acceleration of various processes. Thanks to this, they are perfect for warehouses, carrying out from several hundred to over 1,000 items per hour! This solution gives you a significant advantage over other technologies – such as a barcode scanner or a sheet of paper.

To sum up, the most important factors in favor of the choice of voice technology are:

  • extensive order picking (a large number of items, multipicking),
  • relieving employee’s hands,
  • high employee turnover,
  • as well as the accompanying high dynamics of changes
  • service of seasonal peaks.

Voice systems – how exactly do they work?

As mentioned above, these systems work on the principle of data exchange, which is carried out only through voice commands between the system and the operator.

The operator is equipped with a portable terminal attached to the belt, as well as a headset through which he listens to commands issued by the system. The same set also serves him to answer – so as to smoothly confirm the implementation of individual operations.
The implementation of picking task could be, for example, as follows: the operator retrieves the order for implementation – the system indicates the location – the operator confirms it – the system indicates the quantity / weight to be downloaded – the operator watches over the loading, and finally also confirms the quantity / weight collected and other required data (such as for example, batch number).

Kompletacja zamówień za pomocą komend głosowych

The whole system consists of four elements. Firstly – voice terminal, i.e. from a portable computer that converts system messages into commands and operator voice messages into actions in the system. Secondly, headset, which is a specialized combination of microphones and speakers, appreciated especially in demanding warehouse environment. Thirdly,  business software responsible for the implementation and control of tasks (e.g. picking orders). And finally, management software, which consists of a console to administer, manage and monitor devices and users.

Voice systems – what are their advantages?

  • Voice systems - through automating processes - allow you to increase the productivity of the company, and also accelerate logistics and warehouse work. In other words, they significantly improve the company's performance - up to 35%! Error reduction is up to <1 in 1,000 items to be completed! In other words, accuracy can increase to 99.99%!
  • In addition, voice-based system operation offers great opportunities for foreign-language employees. The system supports over 35 different languages, including the most popular among seasonal employees.
  • Another important benefit of using voice systems is reduction of warehouse operating costs. These systems are easy to use, which translates into faster implementation of tasks, minimization of manual processes and a significant reduction in the number of errors, as well as shortening the training time of new employees, e.g. seasonal employees - by up to 50%. All these elements contribute to significant improvement, and hence, lower operating costs of the warehouse.
  • What's more, by eliminating the keyboard and screen, as well as freeing the hands and eyes of employees, ergonomics and quality of work are significantly improved. Employees can focus entirely on the task they have to do - they are not distracted by the need to read and enter data on the display. The fact that their hands are not busy handling the terminal or reader also affects the speed of the task and reduces the risk of damage to the equipment.